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Tort Liability

LisaMarie Mercogliano

Chapter 7: Tort Liability pages 228-230

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5.All the means by which a matter of fact is establish or disproved
6.A private civil wrong or injury
9.First pleading of plaintiff setting out facts on which claim is based
10.Compensations recoverable for injury
11.The degree to which the defendant could have or should have reasonably been able to anticipate the risk of injury or harm to the plaintiff that might result from action or inaction.
14.One who initiates a suit
15.Failure to perform a duty
16.Legally sanctioned obligation
1.Is a law that an individuals who is negligent and at fault in the exercise of his or her legal duty may be required to pay monetary damages to an injured party.
2.Liability without fault
3.One who is sued
4.The most common category of torts in education. It may be defined as the omission to do something that a reasonable person, guided by those ordinary considerations that ordinarily regulate human affairs, would do.
6.One who commits a tort
7.An accident that occurs without fault, carelessness or omission on the part of the individual involved.
8.To bring about; bring into existence; to make
12.In order for an educator to be found guilty, a ____ or mental injury resulting in actual loss.
13.An agreement by two or more creating an obligation

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