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Nurse 116 week 4

Patricia Norwood

Week 4 puzzle

1 2
  3         4        
5               6
  9     10

3.third phase of Lewin's theory
5.Nurses have the reputation of _____their young
7.Intravenous Automatic control
8.Essential aspect of critical thinking
11.discoverd penicillin
13.Grandfather of change theories
14.throw people into new roles or position and let them fail
1.Tear down the individual by undermining in subtle or overt ways
2.the ability to identify existing paradigms and devise education or strategies to shift the paradigms of others or yourself.
4.The austronmer for whom a comet was named?
6.second phase of Lewin's theory
8.Significant, universal human experiences.
9.Challenge as a new graduate os to find a new_______
10.knack for making lucky discoveries
11.Non responsive people who are unavailable or inaccessible.
12.refuse to help or withhold information needed to succeed.

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