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Chapter 6, Consumer Credit

1 2
3                     4
  5                         6  
    9                 10          
12                             13

3.you will be responsible for loan paments if the other party fails to make them
5.a measure of a person's ability and willingness to make credit payments on time
7.a legal process in which some or all of the assets of a debtor are distributed among the creditors because the debtor is unable to pay his debts
9.the use of credit for personal needs
12.a time period during which no finance charges will be aded to your account
14.the total dollar amount you pay to use credit
16.the income you receive (take home)
17.shows how much credit costs you on a yearly basis, expressed as a percentage
18.the interest computed only on the principal
1.the maximum amount of money the creditor has made available to you
2.the smallest amount you can pay and remain a borrower in good standing
3.an arrangement to receive cash, goods, orservices now and pay for them later
4.a periodic charge in exchange for the use of credit
6.borrowing money for a variety of goods and services
8.the condition of being deeply in debt
10.a one-time loan that you pay back in equal payments over a specific period of time
11.the amount you borrow
13.businesses that collect debs for creditors
15.an entity (bank, credit union, business) to which money is owed

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