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3       4   5            
    6 7 8
    9         10   11    
12                     13        
14             15             16    
17 18       19           20                
21     22                  
    23 24                             25
      27     28     29 30        
      32       33   34    
    35       36  
41 42        

1.Best "couple" of the year, 2009.
3.A rank 20 Slayer's pride, perhaps
4.A favorite familiar that had a coven named after it briefly
9.What Allesondra Dylan might have called Adara Donchuan
12.Founder of Sine Metu Coven
13.This admin animal has more degrees than a circle
14.Original leader of After Dark
15.Famed for having no sense of humor
18.Vine-wielding witch
20.Something a person is likely to find in Demon's house
21.Famed for glittering, burning, or using sunscreen
23.Former Elder known for his skilled used of super glue
27.Slayer with a Stetson
30.A sparrow, in its favorite form
31.Egyptian God
33.Famed for making tasty sandwiches
37.Unholy ceremony once you cross the ferry
38.A game founder, known as The Ninja
39.A knight, by title
40.Famed for being always-successful thieves
41.Shayden or Lydia
43.Eye of ____
2.Vleck, for one
5.Sanctuary located "Down Under"
6.US City (Abbr)
7.Kyelle Wolfe's darker persona
8.Sanctuary founded by Stalker and Tala
10.Mircea, to some
11.Witch sharing a name with a lice removal product
16.A green orange
17.Cao Cao era dynasty
19.Father Pat liked to make sure this was correct on women
22.One of the Realm's sexiest women, 2012
24.What was the trophy given for celebrating the realm's 2nd anniversary
25.A werewolf, or something you might use to fix holes in jeans
26.The city of the Shadow Lord
28.Blood Tide's original leader, the Realm's first rank 20
29.A coven (abbr)
32.Vampire food (German)
34.A coven (abbr)
35.Ash or Mowbry
36.Belonging to you
42.Famed for ALWAYS having wings

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