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L1 L2

    4                   5
      6             7    
8                       9
10 11     12              
  13 14                          
  15     16    

4.The teenager was so ______________ when her mother got out her baby pictures.
6.To be s____________ you must work hard.
8."I will d_____________ do that later."
11.We must protect the ___________ by recycling.
13.To have a good understanding of something is to be k_______________ about it.
17.The shop went out of ___________.
18.A word that means 'most likely', or 'almost certainly'. It will ___________ happen.
19.Soldiers are very c____________.
20.This word means - 'there abouts'. It is just a guess of how much is there.
1.To do something right away, is to do it __________.
2."I found the whole thing o____________. Another word for ridiculous, shocking.
3.A birthday is a special __________.
5.When you are let down, you may feel d___________.
7."I found the horror film very ____________".
9.The m______________ man/woman repairs things and makes sure things are safe to use.
10.It is not always __________ for me to come to class.
12.If something is not suitable, it may be ________________. E.g Her language was _____________ in front of the children.
14.If you need to do something, it is ___________.
15.You made need to run to the toilet when you have this.
16.Another word for - 'to become aware' of something. To __________ you were wrong or right.

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