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Cultural Geography Crossword

Edward Caldwell

This puzzle is used as a vocabulary review for High School world geography.

1 2 3
4                 5                
6   7                    
8                     9        
  10   11 12    
13               14
  20 21                        
      23 24      

4.Jerusalem, Kashmir, and Northern Ireland are locations of _______ conflict
5.the land that Jews, Christians and Muslims claim as their religious heritage site
7.people that move into a country and bring music, dance, clothing, and food to introduce to a new culture
8.feeling loyalty or devotion for one's country
9.created to help oil producing countries control oil prices and the amount of oil produced
13.this alliance was formed in 1949 to provide for common defense of Western Europe and the U.S.
15.when a cultural characterstics of another nation becomes predominant in the host nation
17.Cultural differences in a ______ may cause political, economic, or social divisions among the people
18.has been primarily responsible for maintaining world peace since 1945
21.are people that share a common cultural background
25.an area where religious differences between Catholics and Protestants have lead to conflict
26.example of an economic alliance in North America
27.the spread of one countries cultural trait to another country
1.religion and language are examples of this part of culture
2.large cities or urban areas
3.killing of one specific group by another based on ethnic differences
6.is a unifying characteristics in the Arab World
10.countries that have a single ethnicity
11.an island that has cultural conflict based on the differences of language and religion
12.a religion that has belief in more than one god
14.was formed to unify Western Europe and increase its economic strength
16.religion that links North and South America and Western Europe
19.keeps order and provide protection and services for a society
20.is an international organization that cares for the wounded, sick, and homeless in wartime and during natural disasters
22.this area in Pakistan and India has tension between Hindus and Muslims
23.Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines would most likely belong to the
24.a peaceful means for societies to settle disputes over resources

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