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What is Media?

Mrs Eden

See if you can fill in the blank squares using the clues provided. Each clue is something to do with Media.

1 2
3                   4      
6   7               8  
      10             11      
    12     13            
    14   15               16
18                 19      
22       23              

3.Something you can watch or play games on 10
4.The effect of rapid movement either towards or away from the subject 4
5.A way to publicise films 11
6.People or objects used in film 10
10.The software one uses when capturing stop motion 1+3+7
12.A piece of equipment you need to hold 9 across 7
15.A piece of equipment you need to make a film 6
18.The telling of a story and the information supplied to the audience by a voice coming from off screen
20.Plan something visual on paper 6
21.A place where filming takes place or what animators build for their characters 3
22.A brief segment excerpted from a film 4
23.The person responsible for overseeing all aspects of the making of a film 8
24.A shot in which a smallish object (e.g. the human head) fits easily within the frame 5+2
1.Software you use to edit your films 5+3+3
2.Software you use when collecting sound effects 5+5+3
6.A piece of equipment that runs editing software 8
7.The process of photographing drawings or objects a frame at a time 9
8.A single photographic image imprinted on a length of film
9.The visual plan you need before you make an animation 10
11.What most students get in trouble for but do come in handy for calls and photos 6+5
13.A shot in which a stationary camera turns horizontally, revealing new areas
14.Pages of writing that one needs to follow when filming 6
16.The cable you need to connect the camera to the computer 8
17.The slow fading of one shot into another 8
19.The term used for capturing all film and putting it all together 7

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