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Liver and Blood

by Mindy

1 2   3     4 5
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9             10            
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    19 20          
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2.Liver season?
8."The Liver arises from the _________ side."
9.Liver spirit/Hun point (sp the #) (2 Words)
13.The Liver manifests in the ________?
14.Liver Front Mu point (sp the #) (2 Words)
16.A Blood pathology often associated with excess menstrual bleeding, hard ropy pulses, inflammation, and dark red tongue
17."The Liver is a regulating, __________, and harmonizing organ."
20.Point on the foot used to treat Blood Heat , part of Foot Jue Yin (sp the #) (2 Words)
21.Determines ____________?
22.Liver climate?
24.Liver Yuan source point (sp the #) (2 Words)
25._____________ with Ying Qi.
26.Liver opens into the _______?
28.Moistens and __________ the body.
30.The Liver is affected by ____________?
32.Liver Back Shu point (sp the #) (2 Words)
34."The Liver ___________ wind."
35.Liver taste?
36.What organ conributes to making Blood through Marrow and Essence?
37."The Liver influences _________ and growth."
1.Liver element?
3.Liver smell?
4.Liver color?
5.The Liver controls this body fluid ( type of Jin)
6.A back point to treat Blood Deficiency, part of Foot Tai Yang (sp the #). (2 Words)
7.Liver houses the ___________ ___________? (2 Words)
10.Point to treat Blood Stasis on the leg, part of Foot Tai Yin (sp the #). (2 Words)
11.The liver ensures the smooth flow of _____ in all directions
12.The Liver stores this critical body substance.
15."The Liver is a _________ organ."
18.The Liver controls this tissue
19."The Liver can cause __________."
23.This Blood pathology is often associated with dryness, thin weak pulses, scant menses, and dizziness.
27.Bood pathology associated with fixed constant pain, purple coloration, fever, choppy pulses
29.Liver sound?
31.Blood originates from this substance in the Heart under the agency of Yuan Qi.
33.____________ the Shen (Mind).

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