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Skeletal System

Chapter 6

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1.The vertebral column has _____ movable segments.
3.C1 vertebrae is responsible for the ____ motion.
6.The ____ vertebrae have massive, stumpy spinous processes.
8.The scapula has the ______ cavity which articulates with the humerus to form the shoulder joint.
11.An abnormal lateral curve of the spinal column is called?
14.Opening of the mouth is also called ________ of the mandible.
15._________ involves turning the palm forward.
16.The humerus is an example of which bone classification?
17.Ball-and-socket joint between the head of the femur and the ________ of the hip bone.
19._________ is a loss of bone mass that impairs normal function and can lead to more fractures
2.The only bone in the body not directly articulated with another bone.
4.The _____ bone forms the sella turcica which houses and protects the pituitary gland.
5.Functionally, the joint between the atlas and the axis is a(n) ________ joint.
6.Which spinal curve develops with the ability of a child to stand?
7._______ moves a limb away from the midline ; for example, separating the fingers.
9.The cranial bones are connected with connective tissue called ________.
10.Which vertebrae possess transverse foramina that protect blood vessels to and from the brain
12.The bones that form the forehead and the roof of the orbits are the ________ bones.
13.Which cells secrete acids and enzymes that dissolve the bony matrix through osteolysis?
18.The C2 vertebrae is responsible of the ___ motion.

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