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Election 2012 Words

Haavard Pettersen

A crosswords to teach pupils important terms for understanding this year's presidential elections

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1.What you have when you do NOT have the highest number of persons/representatives/votes
3.The results of asking a lot of people who they would vote for
4.Situation when a Government spends more money than it takes in as taxes etc.
5.Democratic color
7.American word for "left-leaning"
8.The situation when people in a country don't have a job
10.Remote controlled planes without pilot, used for bombing suspected terrorists
11.The process of making sure you are elected, traveling around, giving speeches, debating, running TV ads, meeting people, holding babies etc.
14.Organization working for one candidate (collecting money, buying TV ads etc.), but in theory independent from him and his party.
15.Popular name for Obama’s healthcare plan
17.Terrorist killed during the Obama administration (first name)
18.Governor Romney's first name
19.A state where it is not clear if the voters will vote Democratic or Republican
20.American word for the state/ "staten"
21.Loosely organized group of very conservative, right-wing Republicans who are against to almost any Government spending and control over society
2.The word for the current economic crisis
3.The process when a party chooses a presidential candidate
4.Public, televised discussion between the candidates
6.The group of people from all states that actually elect the president
9.Adjective describing those things that are about the whole of the USA, not just one state.
12.Street in New York City where most American banks and financial corporations are headquartered
13.Republican color
16.President Obama's first name
18.What you have when you have the highest number of persons/representatives/votes

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