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The American Revolution

J.J. Conklin

  3                       4     5
    6 7   8  

3.Battle in which Washington led his men across the Delaware River Christmas night, and attacked the surprised Redcoats who had been celebrating all night, Washington and his troops took more than 900 prisoners that night at Trenton (3 Words)
10.Colonists who chose to fight and support the Colonies' fight for independence from Great Britian
11.A meeting with a representative from each colony, except Georgia, in which they would decide on how to respond on all of the taxing and all of the laws the King and Parliament is making (3 Words)
16.Sons of Liberty member that was famous for riding to Concord warning "the British are coming, the British are coming!" (2 Words)
17.Foreign Soldiers who fought specifically for pay, not out of loyalty
18.Revolutionary War hero, served in the French and Indian War, and was our Country's first President (2 Words)
19.Colonists who chose to side with Great Britain and the King; Tories
20.The formal announcemnt of the colonies' break from Great Britian, written by Thomas Jefferson. Approved on July 4th, 1776 by the Contiental Congress (3 Words)
1.The last major battle in the Revolutionary War; Washington's troops cornered the British troops in Yorkstown, with their French allies at the Patriot's side, and prevented the naval fleet from rescuing them by blocked off the Chesapeake Bay (3 Words)
2.The turning point of the Revolutionary War, General Horatio Gates and his troops defeated the British Army in Saratoga, NY (3 Words)
4.The document in which British recognizes the colonies' independence as the Untied States (5 Words)
5.A 47 page pamphlet that was sold to over 500,000 people, that argued that the citizens should make laws, not kings or queens (2 Words)
6.An experienced military officer who led with a combination of fear and respect. Famous for turning the Continental Army into a finely tuned fighting force. (4 Words)
7.Battle where the colonists, who were low on ammunition and gunpowder, forced the British to retreat twice, but eventually lost the Battle at Bunker Hill (4 Words)
8.The man who communicated to Paul Revere in how the British would travel to Concord, using lanterns (2 Words)
9.The colonies' army who would carry out the fight against Britian (2 Words)
12.The Declaration of Independence's main author, who strongly belived that King George III was violating many of the colonies' rights (2 Words)
13.The Patriot's best Naval officer, who migrated to the colonies from Scotland (3 Words)
14.local militia who are ready within a minute's notice
15.British soldiers who lived in the colonies

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