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Water Usage

Alicia Symes

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1.How many litres of water are then in an Olympic swimming pool (2 Words)
5.How many reservoirs are there in the United Kingdom (2 Words)
6.How many litres of water will a garden hose use in one hour (2 Words)
7.In which county does the River Thames beging
9.How many litres of fesh water does a person in the developing world use per day
11.How many litres of water would a dripping tap waste in a year (2 Words)
2.How many litres of fresh water does a person in the UK use each day (4 Words)
3.How many plastic bottles of water are consumed each year (2 Words)
4.What percentage of the earths surface is covered by water (2 Words)
8.A child dies every ...... seconds due to poor water sanitation
10.What percentage of people in the world lack access to fresh water

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