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My Vocabulary

Jana Merida

Ballot Oath Incumbent Independent Campaign Candidate Liberal Conservative Elector Debate Poll

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1.The current office holder ex.barack obama is the incubet for president.
5.A connected series of activities designed to bring about a particult.
6.The place where people go to vote
8.A discussion about the current issues and what each candidate feels about the issues
9.The number of votes each state has to vote for president of the U.S.
10.list of people trying to get elected.
2.A person trying to get elected.
3.A person who tends to uphold tradition and resist major changes in laws and institutions; generally conservatives tend to support smaller government.
4.Votes who are not registered as rnember of a political party.
7.A person who is open to change ; politically liberls tend to support using government power to change social and economic problems and to support freedom of personal choice and behavior.
11.A promise the presidents take the oath of office when he is sworn in as president of the united states

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