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Our Love

Britanny Lyn

Fun puzzle for you my love-save it for when you're on the throne!!!! ;D haha

1             2   3
  4   5                
6                       7                  
  8   9                    
  10                     11          
  12       13                        
      15 16   17                    
20       21              
    22   23
25 26   27     28           29

1.What do I love about you? Your....towards me
4.I love your...
6.I love the way you. . .
7.My favorite color
9.Bravest thing we've ever done together
10.Our future sons name
11.Someday I would love to go to....with you
13.What I think is sexy on you
16.First date
18.My favorite time of the year
19.Who is the most amazing man on this earth?!
20.Thing I love about your face
21.Some place I can't wait to visit with you someday
22.You love it when I say (shout) this word-facial expressions included
27.Town where we met
30.My favorite Colombian food (as of now)
31.How much do I love you?!
32.The first thing I noticed about you (physically) ;)
33.Where you first asked to "keep my hands warm" (in the front of...?)
2.Name of our penguin
3.Best date so far. . .
4.Favorite place in NYC (as of right now)
5.Our favorite team ;)
6.Where we fell in love
8.My favorite flowers
12.You are hot when you. . .
14.Month I KNEW I was in love with you!
15.Our favorite season
17.I love it when you say I am...
23.Favorite place to be in the whole wide world
24.What food do I crave all the time now?!
25.First person that could tell I was in love
26.What turns me on!!
28.What I can't wait for in the future
29.Someday you will teach me

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