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Coaching - What makes them great?

Michael Smith

Looking at different aspects of coaching and the roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques a coach might use.

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3.You might call your coach this?
5.Sir Alex Ferguson is one
10.in what manner should you conduct yourself?
12.looks more after your fitness levels
14.being able to look back at what you have done
15.being on time, having the right equipment means you ahve good what?
1.these are obligations that involve different aspects of child protection
2.what you do if you are watching your athlete perform to be able to give feedback
4.not just car or life?
6.who do you look up to?
7.Dick Fosbury could be put in this category
8.the main method of getting information across to athletes
9.what you expect your coach to have about their sport
11.might teach you new skills
13.and safety

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