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Wolves of the Beyond - Frost Wolf

Rachel St. Pierre

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2.He brings dead wolves to wolf heaven.
5.Faolan's sister
8.Faolan's first owl friend
10.Title of first book in the series Wolves of the Beyond (2 Words)
11.3rd book in the series (2 Words)
13.Faolan's real mother's name.
14.Means you are crazy (2 Words)
17.Gnaw wolf with no ears. Was found dead.
18.Main character of Frost Wolf. He has a mark on his paw
19.Dance in a circle to die and go to wolf heaven. (2 Words)
22.Son of Duncan (2 Words)
24.2nd book in the series (2 Words)
26.2nd Milk Giver to Faolan's twin sisters
28.Month in which the Caribou grow new Antlers (3 Words)
29.A Bear. Faolan's 2nd Milk Giver.
31.Means Dead.
32.Made by Gnaw wolves for important wolves to wear during meetings (2 Words)
34.Main character's best friend. She only has one eye.
35.Main food of the wolves during their time of starvation (2 Words)
36.Wolf Magician, a healer. Good friend with owls.
37.4th book in the series and the title of this book (2 Words)
1.A small house made from the bones of a dead animal you loved.
3.Place where the watch is held and where the wolves live (4 Words)
4.Twin of Mhairie
6.Another term for Mother. (2 Words)
7.Leader of the watch. Looked up to by all wolves.
9.Liam's mother
12.Where all animals go when they die. (3 Words)
15.A blind wolf.
16.A group of wolves that work together to protect the border of the Beyond. (2 Words)
20.Month the Caribou come back to the Beyond. (2 Words)
21.Author of the books in the series - Wolves of the Beyond (2 Words)
23.5th book in this series (2 Words)
25.Gnaw wolf with a hole in his throat
27.Place where the wolves live. (2 Words)
30.A wolf that is trying to the the other wolves to dance to death. (2 Words)
32.When one or more packs unite as one to hunt.
33.Wolf constalation

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