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Patient Care


1         2   3
    4 5
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1.Muscle forming the rounded contour of the shoulder
6.A device that measures the volume of air inhaled an exhaled from the lungs
8.Yellow waxy substance secreted by the ear canal
10.Medication that is administered in a route other than ingestion
12.Apperance of blue or purple skin
13.Main trunk of the systemic arteries
15.An abnormally fast heartbeat
16.A device that measures a patients cardiac activity
2.An injection within or between the layers of skin
3.Consistantly low blood pressure
4.Artery that carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
5.A chart used to determine visual acuity
7.A major artery of the head,under the skin of the forehead
9.Drawing blood from the veins
11.Applied to the surface of the skin
14.A disinfectant and sterilization product

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