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China and its neighbors

Ms. Garza

This puzzle will test student knowledge of the three countries we have discussed this last week.

1 2 3 4
      5   6
8       9 10                    
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  15             16    

7.name of desert in China and Mongolia
8.China is the largest producer of
10.group that left China in 1949
11.type of government in China
13.one of the deposits found in Mongolia
15.50,000 _____ make up the Chinese language
17.China's official name is The ______ Republic of China
18.China is said to be the first people to develop this
1.type of government in Mongolia
2.island off the coast of China
3.religion found in all three countries
4._____ Khan, leader of the Mongols in 1200s
5.capital of Mongolia
6.Was built to keep out invaders from the North
9.word to describe Mongolia
12.Capital of Taiwan
14._____square where hundreds of students died because of protesting
16.Mongols under Khan ruled 80% of this region

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