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1 2 3
4       5              
7       8      
    9   10 11 12 13
14     15                    
17       18                        
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          29 30          
33                         34        
35 36       37  
38           39   40          
43                 44   45   46
47                   48                

4.energy source used to move Columbus' ships
5.nation who brought back first slaves from Africa
7.who tried to execute the Medici in the cathedral
14.he created a bronze sculpture of David for Cosimo Medici
16.Portuguese captain who tried but failed to sail around the world
17.piece of paper used for navigation
18.event that ended middle-ages and began the renaissance
20.painter of Mona Lisa and Last Supper
22.being proud of your city
25.where the renaissance began
26.wealth + knowledge = ?
28.Medici's first business
30.#1 family of Florence
31.meaning of renaissance
32.this family tried to kidnap and kill Cosimo Medici
33.source of renaissance ideas
34.British privateer who sailed around the world
38.what Brunelleschi built
40.monks, priests, nuns
42.anti-renaissance fundamentalist priest
44.the empire and people Cortes conquered in Mexico
47.philosophy of the renaissance
48.how Savonarola destroyed Florence's luxuries
49.painting on wet plaster
51.one of the new types of ocean going ships
1.the empire and people Pizzaro conquered in Peru
2.a forgotten building material recipe
3.largest island in the Caribbean
6.capital city of Italy
8.where Columbus thought he landed in 1492
9.Lorenzo Medici's nickname
10.he pained The Birth of Venus
11.slaves were needed to grow this crop in the Caribbean
12.one of the 3 G's for going exploring
13.Portuguese sailor who found bottom of Africa
15.Lorenzo established the first one in Florence
19.type of government in Florence
20.the secret weapon Europeans had to kill off native Americans
21.navigation tool that shows where north is
23.mountain range in Switzerland
24.King Henry of Portugal's nickname
29.what Savonarola thought renaissance art was
32.a device used to measure the location of stars
34.first European to sail under Africa to India and return
35.leader of the Catholic church
36.Spanish territory in the new world
37.island city and rival trade centre to Florence
39.Michelangelo's preferred art form
40.he was the first French sea captain to claim land in America
41.first European to get to China in 1200's
43.a fragile product Europeans wanted from China
45.why Florence, Venice and other city states got rich
46.he claimed Newfoundland for England
49.what renaissance Europe knew the world was not
50.short form for Holy Roman Empire

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