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Spelling Words Crossword Puzzle

Annika M. Garza

Have fun solving all of the clues for this crossword puzzle!!

1 2   3            
4               5            
11                   12 13
15                           16 17
18 19   20          
21               22                  

2.to carry from one place to another
4.an act of wrecking
5.a person engaged in military service
8.robbery or illegal violence at sea
9.a particular insance of personally encountering
11.commander in chief on a ship
15.one of the spanish conquerors of Mexico
21.to place for safe keeping or in trust
22.the act or state of setting
23.the destruction or loss of a ship
24.long past
1.a traveling from one place to another
3.exciting or very unusual experience
5.the destruction of a ship
6.a large sailing ship
7.a journey or voyage
10.the political direction and control exercised over the actions
12.to move on, over, or through
13.gain sight or knowledge
14.a ship privately owned and crewed but authorized by a government during wartime to attack and capture enemy vessels
16.a nonhistorical or unverifable story handed down
17.to take by force
18.a person or thing that settles
19.the line or circle that forms the apparent boundary between earth and the sky
20.a place of settlement

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