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#105.04 Thermal Image Camera

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Everything viewed through the T.I.C.’s lens retains its ____; people look like people the rooms look like rooms
3.Water, plastic, and glass are all effective barriers for the T.I.C. and may cause a _____ image
8.A high temperature mode above 300 _____. The shutter will occur when the camera switches from one mode to the other
10.Batteries should be swapped out _____
11.The T.I.C. allows a ____ dimensional view of a smoke filled environment
12.Provides safer _____ in a space where there is diminished visibility due to Smoke
14._____ Rapid Intervention Crews to quickly and efficiently locate downed firefighters
18.Can be used to determine the fluid level of _____, which may be useful during a hazardous materials incident
19.The red _____ light indicates 15 minutes left of operating time
20.The image may decrease, as _____ will build up across the lens in extreme conditions. A soft cloth or gloved hand can be used to clean the lens periodically while operating the camera
25.The camera should be cleaned if dirt or soot residue exists. Use ____ and water to clean the external surface. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean stubborn stains
26.If operating without a hose line, such as a R.I.C. team, the lead searcher should have the _____
27.Reduces _____ of interior crews because efficiency in performing searches and suppression is increased
29.The black and white display may be difficult to differentiate between radiant heat off the wall or _____ fire
30.Bullard T-3 Camera will automatically calibrate every 60 seconds, momentarily _____ or shutter the screen
31.Firefighters or _____, who are wet from hose line operations, could be masked from the camera’s view during a search because there is a momentary balance of thermal signature
32.The camera and strap should always be stored ___
33._____ without this vertical sweep is discouraged as trip hazards can be overlooked
34.Firefighters operating the camera should remain low to the ground, _____ the entire area before them
2.When using in overhaul activity, the operator should use the T.I.C. as an extra tool along with other methods of seeking out _____ fire
4.The thermal Imaging Camera has not been determined to be safe in an _____ atmosphere. The camera has potential to be an ignition source
5.The operator must _____ well what his enhanced vision can detect to other crew members
6.Enables suppression crews to _____ a faster, more effective interior attack
7.When scanning an area with the T.I.C., begin at the _____ and conclude at the floor area immediately in front of them
9.A _____ will not provide sufficient thermal energy to penetrate most standard construction materials or solid items such as furniture
10.The image will appear after a 5 second _____ up time
13.The T.I.C. will provide a black and white _____ through the smoke and darkness
15.May be used as a search tool to locate _____ persons in open wilderness areas
16.Allows personnel to see in a diminished _____ environment, which is a very useful addition to traditional search and rescue techniques
17.The T.I.C. allows a _____ view of ones surroundings
21.The camera should be turned on and checked, then turned ____
22.To activate the camera, depress the _____ button. A LCD display will indicate the charge of the batteries
23.One fully charged battery will _____ the T.I.C. for two and half-hours
24.If conditions warrant the use of the T.I.C. the operator should be directly _____ the nozzle operator
28._____ should be reported to the Captain

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