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Mrs Mears crossword 2

Joshua Roberson

1 2       3        
5       6                   7
  8   9     10
  17 18

2.Data that can be measured is _____ Dats.
5."A _____ statement is a statement about the purpose to which an effort is directed".
6.Collecting related data and grouping it all together is data ______?
11.Part of the nursing diagnosis formula meaning the cause.
12.What skill allows a nurse to manipulate equipment skillfully to produce a desired outcome?
13.One of the four blended skills that allows a nurse establish and maintain caring relationships that help facilitate achievement of goals.
14.The key method of documentation on our powerpoint lecture notes.
16.Meaning to use an instrument to evaluate a patient during a physical assessment.
19.The process in which a nurse determines if a patients goals and outcomes have been reached.
20.One of the four types of interview question that elicits specific information is a ______ question.
1.Phase of the nursing process in which the plan is put into action.
3.What nursing skill allows a nurse to use critical thinking to solve problems creatively?
4.When a paient doesn't achieve the project outcome, a _____, or exit, is said to have occurred".
7.______ setting must be established before a nurse can provide care for each patient.
8.Organization that measures the effects of nursing care and developed a standardized system to name and measure nursing-sentitive outcomes.
9.After assessing all the information on a patient the next step of the nursing process would be to?
10.The nursing process characteristic in which there's an overlapping among the five steps is?
15.A type of Interview question that allows patients to freely verbalize thoughts and feeling IS A _______ question.
17.What is the primary source of data?
18.The desired patient _____ states the behaviors a patient will be able to perform.

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