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#101.07 Ice and Water Rescue

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.If only ___ rescuer is being utilized the water or on ice, a standby rescuer must be ready to enter if any problems occur or if assistance is needed
6.No personnel shall enter the water without ____ of the Incident Commander
7.A _____ will be a firefighter who tends the life line on the shore. Signals can be transmitted between the rescuer and the shore to the tender
9.___ pull "STOP"
10.One ____ is "GO" when from tender to rescuer and "I'M OKAY" when sent from rescuer to tender
11.An attempt could be made by throwing a water rescue "THROW BAG" or other life saving device to the victim and then pulling them to shore
14.Operations shall be _____ when sufficient time has elapsed to render resuscitation efforts impractical based on water temperature and other factors
15.the last method of rescue is to swim to the victim through the water and to manually bring the victim back to shore
16.Personnel _____ the water or ice shall have the safety of a life line which will be tended by a member of the fire department
19.A standby _____ team should always be available
21.Fire department rescue operations are designed to be a rescue attempt of ____ drowning victims, these operations may be supplemented by other agencies and fire departments
23.A warm vehicle should be located as close as possible to the ______
1.All _____ personnel participating in the rescue operation shall wear a personal floatation device
2.If it should be in ____ water, contact Lee Summit Fire Department for water rescue team
3.A _____ officer shall be utilized on rescue operations and will not enter water or ice on these situations
4.All personnel entering the water, getting on the ice or on the shore involved in water or ice rescue operations shall wear a personal _____ device at all times
5.Any personnel entering the water or going on ice shall be _____ by a life line staffed by Fire Department personnel on the shore line
8.____ pulls or more is "RETREAT" when made from the tender to rescuer and indicates "NEED HELP" when sent from rescuer to tender
12.A boat, Jim buoy, or other boating equipment could be utilized to go to the victim and to bring the victim and back to shore
13.While responding to an incident get resources _____
17._____ pulls advises "RECOVERY MADE"
18.An object shall be utilized such as a pike pole, ladder, or other device, in an attempt to reach the victim and to pull them from the water
20.Free _____ should not be attempted; this will be at the discretion of command and may be allowed in shallow ponds or swimming pools
22.Follow ___ with first in unit giving size up

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