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Critical thinking crossword

Joshua Roberson

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1.The ______ ______ Act establishes criteria for licensure and defines violations.
3.Never accept what you hear or read as the truth, a criticall thinker must always ______ the source.
6.This is the desire to move ahead.
8.When a person becomes a certified LPN and is working towards entering a RN program that person is using Career _____ learning.
10.This is the ability to see some value in something that you weren't looking for.
13.What is the process in which someone generates as many ideas as possible?
16."A critical thinker practices ______ towards other peoples opinions".
19.This type of thinking is known as the hallmark of being a critacal thinker.
2.An LPN has the ability to enhance their nursing practice with ______.
4.The next step on the career learning ladder for a CNA is?
5.What kind of shift do new graduates face when entering the workforce?
7.This person is someone that can guide a new nurse through the process of their new job.
9.What type of mentor allows failure?
11."Outside the box thinker".
12.The first step in indentifying a perfect job is to be ______.
14.In critical thinking the three words someone should say when they honestly do not know the answer to are?
15.What type of mentor withholds information and refuses to help?
16.This typr of thinking examines values, peviefs possible options, considers alternatives, and makes decitions that will be evaluated.
17.After graduation from a LPN program a student must pass this exam before becoming liscenced.
18.Thee highest level of critical thinking is to be willing to change your ______.

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