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Unit 3 Week 5--Nursing 116

Kristina Parshikova

Andersen chapters 6,7,12

3 4   5                     6
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1.How many phases of change in Kurt Lewin's theory?
3.What kind of change met with resistance and hostility.
7.This force tell you to not participate in the behavior you are considering
9.In what phase of change Lewin's theory change has happened?
11.What kind of feeling all transitions evoke?
13."Learning is hard, .....is fun"
14.One of the important aspect in this phase is ability to get people to recognize that a change is needed for progress
16.Second phase of Lewin's change theory.
17.First phase of transition.
1.How many transitions Tyhurst studied?
2.Change that uplanned.
4.What kind of energy indicates that the person or team is ready to move ahead?
5.Spiritual ... lead to greater self-acceptance, courage, and self-appreciation.
6.Passage or change from one place, state, or set of circumstances to another?
8.Change that well thought out.
10.Lewin's theory based on two concept. One is restraining force and another is..... force?
12.What kind of people make changes?
15.Without what healthcare still would have nurses sharpening needles before sterilization?

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