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Euthis T. Buttes

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3.Indigestible part of vegetable intake. Cellulose in 'brief'. (5)
4.Small but essential part of the diet, A to K. 'Vain mist' cleared up.
6.Rear exit of the digestive system. Where 'a sun' don't shine. (4)
8.Gland that produces gastric juices. 'Scrape an' answer up. (8)
9.Latter part of the large intestine. 'So blew' out of these. (6)
11.Another word for the rear exit. 'Rip stench' out of here. (9)
13.Biological catalyst such as amylase, trypsin or lipase. 'My zen E' might be ordered. (6)
16.Cane sugar. 'So cures' prepared. (7)
17.Is there a 'viler' organ in the body than this source of bile. (5)
19.Sort of juices produced in the pancreas that contain enzymes. 'Cast rig' out. (7)
23.Process of physical and chemical breakdown of ingested food. 'Tides go in' out. (9)
25.Last part of the large intestine. 'Met cur' in this region. (6)
27.Bag of acid at the end of the oesophagus. 'So match' churned all about. (7)
29.Sum total of all the processes going on in the body. 'Meat boils' in the mix. (10)
30.Some of what we ingest for energy and nutrients. 'Doof' do over. (4)
31.Sweet components of some foods, could be sucrose. 'As rugs' mix up. (6)
33.Pairs of these produce a liquid containing amylase that stops dry mouth syndrome. 'Glassy and viral' all around. (8,6) (2 Words)
34.An enzyme which breaks starch down into simpler sugars. 'A measly' portion mixed up. (7)
35.Rhythmic gut contractions that push food through. Adjust 'stripe sails' to find this one. (11)
38.What we eat and drink. 'Edit' the 'tide' perhaps. (4)
39.Proteins are made of these. 'Said no mica' involved. (5,5) (2 Words)
1.Salts of the earth that we need along with the vitamins. Stay 'near slim' with these. (8)
2.Fat busting enzyme, 'Is pale' without this mix. (6)
5.Part of the small intestine. 'Mound due' for a change. (8)
7.Food group found in meat & nuts made from chains of amino acids. Eaten although 'not ripe'. (7)
10.These are the fats and oils. 'Pi slid' around in them. (6)
12.One of the aims of food intake is to have this correct. 'I turn into' the answer. (9)
14.This remains tastefully within the mouth. 'One gut' organised the answer. (6)
15.Connects the mouth to the stomach. 'As huge poos' are mixed up. (10)
18.Something we get from food. Could 'greeny' demonstrate. (6)
19.Simple sugar, starch and cellulose are made of many of these. Could 'clog use' be involved. (7)
20.Carbon and water in simple and complex sugars. 'Or day the crab' overturned. (12)
21.Guts large and small. 'Ties in nets' if not careful. (10)
22.Hangs around the back of the mouth. 'I get to slip' remixed. (10)
24.Measure of the energy in food. 'Julie looks' to adjust these. (10)
26.Enzyme that chops up protein. Found 'in try my chops'. (12)
28.Front door of the digestive system. 'To hum' out of here also. (5)
32.Solid waste egested from the body. 'E cafes' may be involved. (6)
36.One of the biters such as a molar. 'Hot to' trot around. (5)
37.Part of the diet that if overeaten can go 'aft'. (3)

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