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Sing's Mole Day Cross Word Puzzle

Sing Xiong

answer the questions.

1           2
3 4  
5 6 7                  
13   14 15      

1.the month of mole day
7.the study of a mole's insides
10.working together on a project which includes moles
11.an adjective describing a mole of a highly explosive substance
12.a mole double agent
15.the symbol for mole
16.a tiny molelike creature with wings which drinks the blood of anyone whodoesn't remember when Mole Day is
17.a word describing the Mole Day songs which are played over the loudspeaker
18.a large hill made of dirt in your backyard, formed from moles borrowing underground; also a term used to describe anything that's pesky
2.a devise used by moles to watch all their favorite television shows, such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and the Discovery Channel, particularly used by lazy papa moles (2 Words)
3.anyone in the tenth grade who is taking Chemistry already
4.being gloomy on Mole Day
5.The destruction which moles bring about in your yard.
6.the continual reverence of moles
8.the obsessive collection of Mole Day stuff including T-shirts, lawn decorations, pins, and endless other things
9.obscurely having to do with a mole
12.government in which moles are in complete control; under this government Mole Day is celebrated three times a year and chemistry is the only scientific subject taught in school
13.anything that does not have to do with a mole
14.a mole which hangs from the ceiling; also a term describing anything which can move rapidly inderground

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