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Plant Phys Crossword


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1.stage in embryogenesis where bilateral symmetry is present
4.where a hormone process can reverse itself due to the influence of light
8.a cell that will develop into the roots
9.stage in embryogenesis where cells divide radially and form two layers - apical and basal
10.a blue light receptor that regulates circadian rhythms and flowering.
11.Any light receptor is made of a protein and what?
12.a part of the embryo which will eventually develop into leaves
13.stage where the dormancy is released and seed germination continues
14.a period where germination is delayed - where hormones are inhibitors and no mechanical processes take place
15.a cell that will develop into the shoot and cotyledons
16.signal that sends a phytochrome to the nucleus (2 Words)
19.the response where plants try to outgrow their neighbors to get more sunlight, regulated by phytochromes (2 Words)
22.the chromophore for phytochrome which absorbs light
23.the life cycle phase that we see when we think of a plant
24.female gametophyte (2 Words)
25.a blue light receptor that regulates the opening and closing of stomata, chloroplast movement, and phototropism
26.stage in embryogenesis where cells are not dividing or preparing to divide
28.a red light receptor which is photoreversible
29.a word to describe a plant that has been grown in the dark, whose stem is long, has a yellow coloring, and cotelydons are not developed
30.tissue that surrounds the embryo and provides nutrients
2.hormone that is made during stress, transported through the vasculature of xylem, and is a part of the terpenoid pathway. (2 Words)
3.process where one sperm fertilizes the egg cell and another fertilizes the polar nuclei (2 Words)
5.process of morphogenesis of seedlings in the dark
6.an enzyme that repairs DNA damage that UV radiation caused
7.damage to seed coat; done by freezing temperatures, microbes, digestive tract of animals, fire
17.hormone whose transport is polar, apex to base, and is made from Trp in a series of 2 reactions.
18.process where plants bend towards the light source
20.hormone that has a carboxylic acid group and a skeleton of 4 rings and is degraded through oxidation.
21.a part of the embryo which is under the cotyledons and will be the stem
27.type of proteins that protect other proteins from aggregating due to stresses

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