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Mimah's X word



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1.Philosopher that says that they are four fundamental Element in the universe.
5.The Protons and Neutrons are found at the _________ part of the nucleus.
9.∝>Rutherford also study the atom using the_______ scattering element.
12.It illustrate the Anode and the Cathode
13._________Rutherford.Who discovered the Proton.
14.the central part of an atom that consists of Protons and Neutron
15.This are small particles that constitute molecules, and are considered the basic unit of Matter.
16.English Nobel laureate in physics awarded for his discovery of the neutron.
17.a subatomic particle with the symbol p or p+ and a positive electric charge of 1 elementary charge.
18.Greenish Beam that carry the charge of negative
23.Philosopher that says that the universe is made up of FIRE.!!!
26.means Positive Rays emitted by the anode.
27.Means Positive in ends.
28.Study the Cathode Ray
29.Paths along the nucleus also called Shell
30.The neutron is a subatomic hadron particle which has the symbol n or n0, no net electric charge and a mass slightly larger than that of a proton.
2.protons are heavier than electrons, but this two particles produce the same amount of energy this Positive charge of protons also cancels out the negative charge of electron.This discover explains why atoms are ______________.
3.This LAW says that the substance are made up of simply elements
4.____________ Goldstein. He was an early investigator of discharge tubes, the discoverer of anode rays, and is sometimes credited with the discovery of the proton.[1]
6.____________ Milikan says that mass of electron is equivalent to 9.109 X 10(28) grams or 9.11 X 10(-28)
7.J.J. Thomson describe the atom like a raisin bread, _________, and chocolate chip cookie.
8.George Johnstone stoney gives the name of electron from __________.
10.Philosopher that says that matter is made up of tiny particles that cannot be cut
11.The word atom comes from the Greek word ____________.Means indivisible.
19.negatively charged particles of an atom.
20.Philosopher who says that the AIR is the source of all things.
21.Ernest Rutherford used while performing an experiment that involved radiating positive Alpha Particles.
22._________ Cruise, who study the cathode tube.
24.means Negative in ends.
25.Thales of Miletus says that the universe is made up of _____.

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