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The Little Big Book of Happy Sadness

Alice Springs Public Library

Picture book

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1.What is the second leg made out of?
3.George's grandmother says "I dog isn't just for Christmas, it's for..."
6.What is the first leg made out of?
7.What is jeremy doing on the washing line on the last page?
8.When they are sitting on the couch, George is wearing one blue...
9.What do George and Jeremy sit on in front of the fire?
12.What is the third leg made out of?
13.Which day of the week does George usually visit the dog shelter?
14.How many legs does the dog have?
16.George visits the dog shelter because he is....
2.What does the third leg have on the bottom of it?
4.George and Jeremy learn a whole new___ full of words such as 'cushion' and 'dinner'
5.What colour is the dog collar and lead that Jeremy gets from the dog shelter lady?
6.George and his grandmother spend most of their time on different...
8.The dog George sees in the last cage is...
10.What is the dog called?
11.George's grandmother lets george have the dog because she knows he is...
15.What do george and his grandmother make for Jeremy so that they can go for walks together?

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