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Periods In Roman History p. 187

Dr. Campbell

There are spaces between the words if the clue has more than one word.

1   2           3
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1.Government of supreme authority of the king
6.First century conquest of Julius Caesar
10.First Christian emperor
12.Known as the philosopher emperor
14.The number of kings during the Roman Monarchy
15.The first of the seven kings
16.Name for Roman government from 27 BC to 476AD
17.Sicily, ________, and Corsica were islands annexed by republican Rome
18.General who defended southern Greek cities in Italy against republican Rome
19.Fasces is the origin of the term __________
1.Term by which the Romans refered to the Mediterranean Sea
2.Emperor notorious for persecuting the Christians.
3.The last of the seven kings
4.Wars of conquest fought against the Carthaginians
5.Number of emperors before its fall in 476
7.Carthaginian general defeated by Scipio during the Punic Wars
8.A bundle of rods with an ax in the middle of it
9.Wars which ended in 168 BC
11.First Roman emperor
13.Government as a "thing of the people" in theory at least

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