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Deadly struggles within the Republic 26-29

Dr. Campbell

There is a space between words

1 2 3 4          
5     6                        
        7 8        
9         10  
13     14            
15   16  
    19                 20            

3.King _____ II of Pergamum bequeathed his kingdom to Rome
5.Gnaeus Pompeius his name in English
7.juries were now drawn from the "equites" rather than from the ______
11.this general fought agains Marius in Rome and King Mithridates in Asia Minor
12.younger brother of Tiberius Gracchus
14.He did most of the work to defeat Spartacus's uprising but did not get the credit begins with a C
17.This slave lead a slave revolt which Pompey eventually put down
19.Marius was victorious over Rome's enemy in North Africa King _______ 105. BC
20.Pompey commanded a fleet to supress _____ who were disrupting trade in the Mediterranean Sea
21.Gaius proposed extending ___ ____ to other Italian cities.
22.the political term for the established group of leaders who feared the populares
23.a successful orator and strong supporter of Pompey- his name begins with C
24.This group faced homelessness and hopeless poverty
1.Pompey defeated ____ once and for all thereby consoldating Roman domination in the East
2.two famous populares
4.He was clubbed to death by a mob or rioters in 133 BC on the Capitoline Hill
6.a land on the south shore of the Black Sea
8.class of wealthy non-senators
9.Gaius instituted a program for subsidized _______ for the poor of Rome
10.They replace peasants as a work force during the second centruy BC
13.whose base of power was the military and discontented elemnts in the populace
15.a process by which Sulla eliminated his political enemies
16.the Latin term for "new man"
18.The Latin cognomen for Pompey meaning "The Great"
20.the political term for the group of reformers who gained political strength by helping displaced farmer and poor urban citizens

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