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Enzymes and Metabolism

N. Brown, MHS

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5.the new substance(s) generated when chemical reactants undergo a chemical reaction
6.a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction by decreasing the activation energy required; these substances can be reused many times.
10.the law of _____________ of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but that it can be converted from form to form
11.The _____ of a chemical reaction is the speed of the reaction, and it is calculated from the slope of a graph of product generated (y) versus time (x)
12.a ______ reaction is the process by which starting reactant substances have their chemical bonds broken or rearranged to form new substances called products,
13._______ chemical processes release energy to the surroundings because they generate products that are more stable or smaller than were the reactants
14.a polymer comprised of amino acids; examples include enzymes, transporters, regulators, structural molecules, receptors, and signal molecules
1.the chemical substances present at the beginning of a chemical reaction
2._____ chemical reactions absorb heat from out of the environment because they generate products that are less stable or bigger than were the reactants
3.the law of conservation of _________ states that during chemical reactions, matter is not created, but it may be combined in new ways; so, all atoms present in the reactants must also be present in the products
4.an enzyme's ______ site is a pocket in which it binds substrates, thereby weakening some of the substrates' bonds, making them require less energy & time to break
7.____ energy is the amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction
8.the loss of function by an enzyme or any other protein due to changes in protein shape; high temperatures or large shifts in pH or salt concentrations are common causes.
9.a protein catalyst

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