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Chapter 3

Diamond Ransome

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1.the process by which children learn the abilities, interests, and behaviors associated with being masculine or feminine in their culture
5.conditions in which chromosomal or hormonal anomalies cause a child to be born with ambiguous genitals, or genitals that conflict with the infant's chromosomes
13.in primates, the innate pleasure derived from close physical contact; it is the basic of the infant's first attachment
14.a cognitive schema of knowledge, beliefs, metaphors, and expectations about what it means to be male or female
15.a method of child rearing in which the parent appeals to the child's own resources, abilities, sense of responsibility, and feelings for others in correcting the childs misbehavior
2.a method of child rearing in which the parents uses punishment and authority to correct the child's misbehavior
3.the processing by which children learn the behaviors, attitudes, and expextions required of them by their society or culture
4.a system that combines meaningless elements such as sounds or gesture to form structured utterances that convey meaning
6.a childs first word combinations, which omit unnecessary words
7.the understanding that the physical properties of objects such as the number of itemms in a cluster or the amount of liquid in a glass can remain the same even when their for, or appearance changes
8.the understanding, which develops throughout the first year, that an object continues to exist even when you cannot see it or touch it.
9.a system of beliefs about the way one's own mind and the minds of others work, and of how individuals are affected by their beliefs and feelings
10.the fundamental sense of being male or female; it is independent of whether the person conforms to the social and cultural rules of gender
11.the age at which a person becomes capable of sexual reproduction
12.the cessation of menstruction and of the production of ova

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