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Prayer Unit Review

Mrs. Palmer

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2.We can pray by reading the ____________
5.Simply talking to God is called, ____________________
6....The Lord is with _____, Blessed art thou among women
8.Thy ____________ come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
14.We can ask ________ to help someone we may know, as a prayer
15.In this prayer, you are asking Mary to go to present your needs to God on your behalf and to unite you to God
16.We can pray by stopping during the day to share a ______________ with God
20.I ____________ in God the Father Almighty
22.We can ask God for ___________ with any problems we might have
23._________ means"to believe"
24.Mary identifies with the _______
1.There are no ________ or wrong ways to pray
3.October is ___________ month
4.Hail Mary full of _______________
7.The ________ creed summarizes who God is and how he deals with us, his children
9.The ________ prayer continues by professing that God is everlasting.
10.Glory be to the Father and to the ______ and to the Holy Spirit
11.Holy Mary, ________ of God
12.... on the _________ day he rose again
13.... creator of Heaven and ___________
17.This Angel came to Mary and said "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women."
18.God will __________ whenever we call out, in faith and love
19.Our Father who art in ___________
21.In the _________ prayer, you offer yourself to God and ask Him for the best things for yourself and your family and friends.

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