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Beatitudes & Commandments

JoAnne Blain

1     2   3     4 5
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1.be comforted
3.inherit the earth
7.thou shalt not commit ______________ or fornication
8.do not use His name wrongly
9.do not want what your neighbors wife, servant, ox, donkey etc.
10.obtain righteousness
12.in spirit
13.do not make or worship
14.hunger & thirst
18.no others before Him
19.remember & keep it holy
2.say mean evil things about you
4.shall not take life
5.pure in _____________
6.called sons of God
11.do not lie about others
12.for Christ's sake
15.father & mother
16.do not take something that belongs to others
17.exceedingly _____ great is your reward in heaven

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