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Word Processing E3

Virginia Bazley

Word processing vocabulary, for E3 learners. NB, some of the answers are actually 2 words, but I have left out the spaces. Eg, if the answer is memory stick, the answer in the crossword would be memorystick.

1     2 3
7       8
12 13          

1.To select text, put the mouse pointer to the left of the text and _ _ _ _ across it.
4.To check and correct spelling, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the middle of the red line.
5.When you type, you should _ _ _ _ your file with a suitable filename.
6.If you see a _ _ _ line under a word, it usually means there is a spelling mistake.
7.If you have saved and closed a file, you need to _ _ _ _ it again to read it.
10.The shape of the letters.
11.The size of the letters.
13.You need to _ _ _ _ _ _ text before you format it.
14.Text which is formatted to be darker and blacker.
15.If you format text using the _ _ _ _ _ _ icon, it will move to the middle of the page.
2.If you see a _ _ _ _ _ line under a word, it is usually a mistake in spacing.
3.When you select text, it shows as blue on the screen.
8.Text formatted with dots at the left.
9.Text formatted with a line underneath.
12.If you select the wrong text, _ _ _ _ _ to let go the selection.

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