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Computer Words

Virginia Bazley

Computer words, for Entry 3 learners

1 2 3
5       6      
8           9      

4.This part displays all the information.
5.The green button, at the bottom left of any window.
8.This key will delete word to the left of the cursor.
11.You use this for typing.
12.Press this key to delete words to the right of the cursor.
13.Hold down this key and press a letter key, to type a capital letter.
14.The blue bar with the name of the programme.
1.The main part of the PC.
2.Press this key to say "OK" or to start a new paragraph.
3.Another word for monitor.
6.The blue bar at the bottom of the screen, underneath any window.
7.The flashing line where your typing will appear..
8.The name for programmes such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer, used to read web pages.
9.In a browser, the place you type the web address.
10.You can click, double click and drag with this.

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