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How is the Government Organized?


For each of the scenarios, identify whether the government described is a UNITARY government, FEDERAL government, or CONFEDERATION.

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2.There is a country where every city has the same laws. Which type of government organization exists?
4.In this country, the central and regional authorities work together and both have powers.
9.This term describes a type of government where the states/regional authority has most of the power. The national government only has the powers that the states allow the national government to have.
10.In this type of government system, the states and national government work together and share powers.
12.In this type of government the states/regional authorities are in charge.
13.In this type of government system, the national government determines all the laws.
14.The European Union is an example of a this type of government. Members voluntarilly join the EU and work together on specific policies.
1.In the United Kingdom, all laws are determined by Parliament. Parliament makes decisions for the entire country. Which type of government has been described?
3.In the United States, we have both national laws and local laws that all citizens must follow. We have to follow both sets of laws. Which type of system does the USA have?
5.In Canada, some laws are made by the national government and some laws are made by the states. Which type of goverment organization does Canada have?
6.Which type of government is described: If a group of states/countries decided to team up for a common purpose, such as to have a common currency, but keep/retained most powers for themselves.
7.In this type of government system, the national government/central authority is bossy.
8.In Switzerland, the individual cantons (states) control the power. They work together as a team on certain issues but most power exists at the local level.
10.In a certain country, many laws are the same throughout the country. Some laws are different depending on what state you are in. Which type of government is explained.
11.Cuba is a tiny island nation that has the same laws throughout the island. Which type of government has been described?

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