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What type of leader is there?


For each of the following word problems, tell me whether the country is an AUTOCRACY, OLIGARCHY, or a DEMOCRACY.

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2.Some people have the power.
4.After Hitler became the leader of Nazi Germany, he had total control of the country. He did not allow anyone to speak out against him.
7.In the U.S.S.R., powerful leaders like Vladamir Lenin and Joseph Stalin had absolute control.
9.Everyone has the power.
11.People can disagree with the government's decisions in which system?
12.In China, the communist party decides as a group what decisions to make for the country.
13.In this type of government, you want to be a member of the small group that gets to make decisions.
1.People elect their leaders and the leaders are responsible to the people for what they do.
3.Dictators, Kings, Queens, Pharohs, and Czars are all examples of this type of system?
5.King Louis XVI and his wife lived a very rich life. Whatever Louis XVI wanted, he got. No one could tell him no (until the people revolted).
6.All people can make decisions about what to do.
8.One person has the power.
9.In the USA, our leaders have to do what we want.
10.In this type of country a small group makes decisions. The regular people may say nothing.

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