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To Kill A Mockingbird


for the purpose of a school project...

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8.Tom Robinson's wife
10.Values the family name and tries to make scout more "lady-like" (2 Words)
11.Tom Robinson was accused of ______
13.An innocent man but sentenced guilty because of his skin color (2 Words)
15.The woman that spreads the town:s gossip (2 Words)
16.What Jem and Scout build when it snows in Maycomb for the first time in a long time.
19.He had high spirits and a large curiosity. also the friend of Scout and Jem
21.Jem and Scout bring him home for lunch on the first day of school (2 Words)
24.Jem, Scout, and Dill always watch this place (2 Words)
27.When Atticus revealed the secret of him being great with guns he shot this (2 Words)
29.The brother of the protagonist
30.Where Scout and Jem live
31.A woman who Scout is friend with (2 Words)
32.tom Robinson was accused guilty mostly because of skin color. This kind of prejudice was ______
34.Bob Ewell's character outlined Atticus' character in a way. Bob was a _____
35.Was once called "One-shot Finch"
1.She was once a morphine addict (2 Words)
2.New to Maycomb. Scout's teacher when she first enters school (2 Words)
3.Jem and Scout find different items in this (2 Words)
4.The sheriff of Maycomb County (2 Words)
5.Unique in a way for his mother Calpurnia taught him to read
6.Purposely mad himself look like a drunk mess all the time. His drinks have always turned out to be Coca Cola (2 Words)
7.Put cigars in his mouth and munched it up. He was the judge. (2 Words)
9.Took care of the kids and also taught them to be good people
12.It is a sin to kill a __________
14.the children were curious about him, hoping he would ever come out of his house (2 Words)
17.the first object that the children find in the knot hole (2 Words)
18.A lonely uneducated girl (2 Words)
20.The books main character
22.Runs the Maycomb newspaper- The Maycomb Tribune (2 Words)
23.Assigned the prosecution of the Tom Robinson case. Treated tom rudely during the case (2 Words)
25.He was uneducated as well a horrible father (2 Words)
26.Store owner (2 Words)
28.Treated jem and Scout rudely on their visit to the african-american First Purchase Church
33.Atticus went to protect Tom at the jail because a ____ was coming

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