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Wills and Estates

Audrey Sibley

college level - chapter 1 & corp review

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1.person chosen to oversee admin of will
7.handwritten will
8.formal document that amends a will
10.formal decisions of the Corporations Directors or Shareholders
16.it is preparedfor each Shareholder outlining the same details as in the Register as well as more specific details such as the transfer of shares etc
17.document that sets out final wishes and disposition of property
18.they must be kept at its Registered Office or another place in Ontario as designated by the Directors as long as they are available for inspection during regular office hours
2.male person who makes a will
3.it is signed by all of the Corporation’s Shareholders
4.enables someone else to vote on your behalf
5.sets out the names and residential addresses of everyone who is or has been a Director of the Corporation.
6.A list of all of the Corporation’s Shareholders within the last six years providing details such as the number and type of shares held and the dates they were issued
9.rare form of will signed by two people
11.will meant to govern an estate concurrently (international)
12.it outlines the conduct and affairs of the business
13.it bears the Corporation name and the name of the statute under which it was incorporated (OBCA, CBCA)
14.it provides the right to borrow on behalf of the company
15.female person who makes a will

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