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Budget terms


1 2 3
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4.money that is taken (usually from a paycheck) to go toward membership in a union, which is an organized that works to improved conditions of the members. (2 Words)
5.amount of money spent on either eating of groceries.
7.taxes that are usually deducted from a paycheck to go toward the person’s retirement or other work-related benefits. (2 Words)
11.expenses that go toward running a house; for example, getting you carpets cleaned, mowing the grass, home repairs, and so on. (2 Words)
13.money that comes in or is earned
17.money that is usually deducted for state services. (2 Words)
18.payouts of money that can change; they are not always the same amount (2 Words)
19.money that is paid toward a house (mortgage). (2 Words)
20.utilities (often a fixed expense) (4 Words)
21.money that is taken out of a paycheck to go to other designated sources (such as taxes or insurance)
1.money that you must pay out
2.expenses that go toward buying and maintaining clothing.
3.how much money a person earns each hour (2 Words)
6.money that is not from working, but still provides ability to buy things. (3 Words)
8.expenses for leisure activities such as movies roller skating and so on. (2 Words)
9.payments that are always the same amount of money; predictable (2 Words)
10.money this is usually taken out of a paycheck to pay for federal services. (2 Words)
12.payment for phone calls and services. (2 Words)
14.money that is earned by working more than the usual number of hours. (2 Words)
15.expenses incurred from traveling by car (3 Words)
16.the amount of money paid each month for a car. (2 Words)

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