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Biology Chapter 7

  3           4  
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    11     12                 13  
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  29                   30                      
    31     32                    

2.Controlls what enters and leaves, protects and supports
3.Membran-enclosed saclike structures that store water, salts, and organic molecules
7.Only in the plant cell! Photosynthesis
10.Cell that dont have a nucleus
12.solution have a higher concentration
14.chemcal singal
15.a network of protein filaments; it helps the cell maintain its shape
17.are water channels proteins that allow water to pass throught the cell membrane
18.small particles of RNA and protein, they produce proteins by following coded instructions from DNA
19.organelles made from tubulins
21.is the process by which molecules that cannot directly diffuse across the membrane pass throught speacial protein channels
23.support shape and protects the cell.
24.it modifies, sorts,and oackages protein and other materials from the ER for storage in the cell opr release outsid ethe cell
25.allowing some substance, but not others to pass across them
29.relatively constant internal conditions
30.is a group of organs that work together to perform a specic function
31.converts the chemical energy stored in food to usable form
33.Basic unit of life
1.lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled
4.Cell that have a nucleus
5.solution have a lower concentration
6.is a group of simliar cells that perform a particular function
8.a strong but flexible barrier between the cell surrounding
9.Large membrane-enclosed sturture that contains DNA.
11.are stuctures that have specialized function in eukaryotic cells
13.Is the fluid portion of a cell
16.is the force caused by the next movement of water by osomsis
20.is th process by which particles move from and area of high concentration to an areea of lower concentrstion
22.All Living things are made of cells, Cells are the basic units of sturcture and function in living things, Newcells are produced from existing cells.
26.small organells filled with enzymes that breaks down large molecules and oragnelle that are no longer useful
27.is the Faciltated Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
28.if they are the same concentration of solution
32.is a group of tissues working together to perform an essential

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