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8                     9                      
    11               12  

4.The equipment and resources needed to create goods. (5,2,10)
5.A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realisation of communism
6.The opium of the people, used as a means of maintaining the status quo.
8.Marx's word for the working class
9.Use of other people to make profit for oneself or one's business.
10.Centrally planned method of allocating resources (7,7)
11.An economic system where the means of production are privately owned and used to generate profits
13.The worth of a worker's labours, in excess of the wages earned.
14.Ed Miliband's territorial troops? Marx's name for the unemployed. (7,4,2,6)
17.The model envisaged by Marx where the means of production are publicly owned for the benefit of all.
18.That part of society comprising arts, religion, education, politics and so on.
19.Theorist whose ideas you are studying (4,4)
1.The idea that the proletariat believe that they have choice and power in society and that they cannot see that they are being exploited. (5,13)
2.German word used by Marx to refer to the underclass - especially vagrants, petty criminals etc.
3.Those who own the means of production
7.Small business owners and government employees. (5,11)
12.That part of society in which education, religion, politics, arts etc flourish. Shaped by the base.
15.A means of describing groups of people according to their status regarding the means of production.
16.That part of society in which the economy is based and where relations between the proletariat and bourgeoisie are formed.

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