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Virgin Media offer vocabulary


1 2 3 4
5   6     7               8    
15       16           17              
18   19     20            
            22     23

5.(n) an amount of money which is regularly paid for something
9.(n) One who supplies services or materials
12.(n) kind of TV or radio broadcast that gives facts and information about a subject
13.(n) one twelfth part of year
15.(n) a member of company top management or person who manages a film crew
17.(n) a special tax in UK that people pay to allow them to watch television
20.(n) television or English .....
21.(v) action wherein we can save sound or picture by means of electronic equipment
22.short for new television standard where signal resolution is grather than PAL/NTSC standard
24.(adj) The opposite of 'celestial'
25.(adj) synonymous for 'never-ending' adjective
26.(adj) the exact opposite of 'analogue'
27.(v) to wind a tape recording back to the beginning
28.(n) a man who performs in a film
1.(adj) 'ultramodern' in other words
2.(adj) huge, enormous (informal)
3.(n) One who can show you around something
4.(adj) a payment method - pay in advance
6.(n/v) TV or radio broadcast or arrange, plan something
7.(n) a sudden and complete change
8.(adj) best liked or most enjoyed
10.(n) to improve quallity or functionality of something (e.g. software)
11.(n) It makes that purchase is low risky
14.(n) very efficient and wide band-pass connection with the internet
16.(n) fee or cost
18.(n) the press, radio and television all in all
19.(adj) immediately
22.(v) to put somebody out
23.(n) someone who has never had sex or Richard Branson's company
26.(v) to remove something

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