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Active Infants and Toddlers

Arielle Herter

Supporting Activity In Early Childhood Programs: Guidelines, Development, Active Infants and Toddlers

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2.Activities for young children should be___ and non-competitive.
4.this month
7.Physical ___
8.In turn this enhances the development of ___, social and emotional skills.
11.Follow the ___games
13.Go on a nature walk while learning about the ___.
14.Children who ___ basic movement skills feel confident
16.Children are driven to move and feel great ___ in moving freely.
17.Promote gross motor play and fun ___ activities
18.Encourage activity that helps child develop competence in___ skills
20.They should also have at least one hour a day of___physical activity.
23.A blanket on the floor with materials hanging above it so ___ can touch and move them
25.By: Arielle___
1.t is important that child care providers demonstrate and teach ___ attitudes towards physical activity.
2.Infants should be___ and encouraged to move whenever possible.
3.Arrange for alternative opportunities to ___ for children who have physical challenges.
5.Around 1 year of age: Starts ___
6.Young children should have at least one hour a day of____ physical activity.
9.Health, Safety, and ___ class.
10.children should have limited____time.
12.Supporting Activity In Early Childhood Programs: Guidelines, ___, Active Infants and Toddlers
15.Child care providers should encourage ___ to experiment and discover their environment
19.Children should play ___ whenever possible
21.Provide objects, ___ and games that encourage infants to move and do things for themselves
22.Avoid___and electronic media
24.a primary colour

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