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Chapter 8

Introduction to Psychology

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1.Pizza I ate for dinner is an example of a violation of __________
2.sounding out words, a more effective way to get and keep children reading
4.fluency in two distinct languages
7.smallest unit of speech
8.after this ___ period, ability to learn a skill drops off gradually
10.-ed is an example of a _________ marker
13.reading faster than 400 words per minute results in reduced _____
15.language ___ device; we arrive prewired for language abilities
16.language is ___, allowing us to create an infinite number of sentences
18.intentional vocalization that develops in first year of life
20.these theorists ask how language came about and why
21.two-day olds prefer to hear their mother's ___ language
24.according to general ___ processing account, language results from other skills
25.this girl was the focus of a case study of language deprivation
26.category of sounds produced
27.___-Whorf hypothesis is another term for linguistic relativity
1.sound ____ refers to connections between auditory and other sensory systems
2.according to social ___, social environment structures language learning
3.buzz is an example of this category of nonarbitrary language
5.this information includes grammar, posture, gestures, and context
6.linguistic ____ suggests language defines our thinking
9.language variation used by a group of people
11.referring to all adult males as daddy is an example of this
12.__ language uses visual rather than auditory communication
14.derived meaning
17.comprehension precedes ___________________
19.system of communication that includes symbols and grammar
22.Chomsky is a proponent of the ___ account
23.babies recognize their own ___ at six months

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