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French and Indian War

United States History

2     3      
6           7  

2.George Washington fought on this side during the French and Indian
4.As a result of the French and Indian War __ lost Florida to Britain
6.The main European participants in the French and Indian War were France, Britain, and ____
9.This Indian uprising proved to the British that they would not have an easy time controlling their North American empire (2 Words)
10.The French and Indian War was part of this larger worldwide conflict (3 Words)
1.Ben Franklin's 1754 plan to unite the English colonies against the French (4 Words)
3.Signed in 1763, it officially ended the French and Indian War (3 Words)
5.The ___ of 1763 forbid the colonists from moving west of Appalachian mountains
7.Had a very strong relationship with their Indian allies
8.As a result of the French and Indian War ___ was the biggest land loser

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