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Frank Cathey

1 2 3   4            
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  30             31                
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  37         38        
40               41      
    42 43          
44   45           46   47  

3.The small, usually black and square or rectangle shaped, component that contains sensitive electronics.
5.A database of configuration settings related to the hardware and software on a computer
7.A word, typed at a command-line interface, that executes some action
9.Using RAID to write data across two or more hard disks to increase read/write speeds.
12.The portion of the name of a file that is used to associate it with a program.
15.Someone who has an account on a computer, allowing them to access the computer's resources.
16.A set of computer instructions burned into a chip to control input and output operations.
17.A group of applets (utilities) used to configure Windows.
19.A location in a file structure, represented by a folder in a GUI operating system
20.Settings that determine how something is supposed to look or work.
21.A menu of options about a program or folder
24.A category of configuration settings in the registry
25.An analog display monitor used for computer output.
26.The first sector of a storage device which contains the boot information
27.A document containing information about the hazards and proper handling and disposal of a substance or chemical.
30.A list of directories pointing to a location or file
31.The interface available in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that provides Aero Peek, Aero Shake, and Aero Snap
32.a device that generates an intense beam of light.
35.The process of putting readable data into an encoded form that can only be decoded through the use of a key
37.Programs that run in the background and are critical to the function of the operating system.
39.A computer component that converts and regulates 110v AC to various DC voltages used in the computer.
40.A shortcut to perform some action in Windows
41.An image that represents a file or folder on a GUI operating system
42.Preparing a storage device (such as a hard disk) to receive data.
44.A logical group of networked devices
46.A Windows file system used to store data on storage devices
48.A danger or risk.
1.The storing of data in non-consecutive clusters on a hard disk drive.
2.A part from a computer system.
4.A user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon.
6.An interface that uses graphics as opposed to a command-line interface
8.A Windows utility for configuring the hardware of a computer
9.A 512 byte storage location for data on a magnetic disk (platter HDD) or optical disc
10.The table which contains information about the location of data on a storage device formatted with NTFS.
11.Using RAID to duplicate data across two or more hard disks to increase data security
12.A type of network cable that uses light instead of electricity.
13.A component that absorbs heat.
14.combining two or more hard disks to store data
18.All of the user specific settings and directories related to a user account on a computer
22.relating to heat.
23.Able to be easily carried or moved.
28.A table which contains information about the location of data on a storage device formatted as FAT32 (or other FAT)
29.A logical division of a hard disk into one or more virtual hard disks
33.The release of static electricity when two objects come into contact.
34.A utility for editing the Registry in a Windows Operating System.
36.A group of sectors.
38.The BIOS Setup Utility that allows a user to configure settings in the BIOS.
43.The federal agency that oversees the safety of a workplace environment.
45.Information contained in the Boot Sector of a storage device that the BIOS uses to start an operating system
47.A computer component that is replaced instead of repaired.

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